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4th International Random Film Festival 2013

The 4th International Random Film Festival (IRFF) has opened for submissions for 2013 from filmmakers worldwide. The International Random Film Festival is the first film festival in the world which celebrates randomness in cinema.

The Festival is competitive and each year 25 films from all over the world are randomly selected to the festival’s official competition.

Films of any length, genre and format may be submitted. The year of production is also not limited.

IRFF is organized annually in a randomly selected location, on a random opening date. Awards are given out randomly. Last year it received 524 films from 70 countries, with a total runtime of 5 days 21 hrs 22 min 57 sec of films received.

In 2013 the IRFF will be held in Garpenberg, Sweden. The festival is opening on the 8th of December 2013. Being faithful to their concept, the organizers have selected the venue and the date of the festival randomly.

The International Random Film Festival is organized by the cultural organisation Euphoria Borealis, a non-governmental organisation registered in Finland.