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Art Olympia 2015 International Open Art Competition

Art Olympia 2015 is a new biannual international open art competition, with a goal to discover and support talented artists, so that their art careers may flourish. With this competition, the organizer – Art Olympia, also aims to promote world’s cultural exchanges through art.

Two-dimensional original artworks, which can be representational or abstract (excluding photography, calligraphy, video, sculpture, and group/collaboration works), are eligible for submission.

A total of $500,000 will be given out in cash awards and prizes to 240 select artists from all over the world.

The Art Olympia competition embodies the following three concepts:

  1. Connect
    First of all, the organizers would like to establish a worldwide hub of art and culture which would meet and connect domestic artists to international artists. By introducing artists through Art Olympia, the organizers aim to expand their opportunities to succeed, from their local environment to infinite boundaries.
  2. Discover
    Secondly, the organizers would like to discover future global artists. Art Olympia will collect artworks from all over the world and invite domestic and foreign art experts as jurors. A variety of jurors from different cultural and historical backgrounds will broaden the possibility of recognizing talented artists.
  3. Create
    Lastly, the passion of the organizers is to encourage and inspire artists creating the next generation of art and a new aesthetic sense of beauty.
    They believe the exchange of culture through Art Olympia will stimulate artists to grow beyond their borders.

At the primary round, art experts will evaluate the works as digital images. At the final round, jurors will decide the winners by looking at the actual works.

Don’t miss out this great opportunity to have your works seen.

Art Olympia 2015 International Open Art Competition Entry Fees

  • General submissions:
    • $60 for 1 image,
    • $100 for 2 images,
    • $140 for 3 images
  • Student submissions:
    • $40 for 1 image,
    • $70 for 2 images,
    • $100 for 3 images

Entrants are responsible for shipping to Tokyo, Japan.