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Budapest Film Academy Screenwriting Contest 2012

The Budapest Film Academy invites you to participate in a screenwriting contest for its summer semester program. The Budapest Film Academy (BFA) and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) have joined forces and launched an English and Hungarian language film academy in 2011, offering practical film studies to students who would like to become industry professionals.

The winner of the Budapest Film Academy Screenwriting Contest 2012 will be awarded a scholarship for the 3-week-long Budapest Film Academy Summer Semester.

Write A Screenplay and Win A Scholarship for the Budapest Film Academy Summer Semester

Etudes from a Festival – the SZIGET is 20 Years Old” is the main theme of the Budapest Film Academy’s summer semester program. The organizers expect short (1-4 minutes) creative screenplays in English, which are related to the ambiance of the festival, in a creative and awareness-raising way.

There are no restrictions regarding the genre or the form. The scripts can be dramatic scenes about how visitors of the SZIGET make acquaintances, start friendships, fall in love, or they can be visually exciting, experimental works and documentaries that show the festival event from different perspectives.

The main goal of the summer university is to create a full-length feature from the best short films, send it to film festivals, and distribute it theatrically and for television stations all over the world.

The winner of the contest will be awarded a scholarship for the 3-week-long Budapest Film Academy Summer Semester, which also includes the Sziget festival weekly pass. The program is worth €2,550. The Budapest Film Academy will also provide extensive publicity to the top short films of the contest.

For more information, please visit the Budapest Film Academy’s website.