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Calendario Duemila 13 – Tapirulan Annual Illustration Contest

The Tapirulan Cultural Association is proud to announce the eighth edition of its contest for illustrators. This year’s illustration contest is open for artworks on the theme of “Buffet”.

The first prize awarded by the jury is €2000 for 2013 and there’s one more prize of €300 awarded by the registered subscribers. All selected works will be exhibited.

The Tapirulan Illustrators exhibition which will include the 40 selected works and all the works of the former winners, will be set up from 1 December 2012 to 26 January 2013 at Santa Maria della Pietà – Cremona, Italy. During the inauguration of the exhibition the winners will be awarded their prizes.

Calendario Duemila 13, the 2013 Tapirulan Illustration Contest has Opened for Entries

For Calendario Duemila 13, Tapirulan is calling for artworks on the theme of “Buffet“.

About the theme “Buffet”

The world revolves around a table. Whether laid gorgeous and elegant or informal does not matter, because buffet is a convivial moment par excellence, the scene of fierce fighting between greedy and hungry people determined to hoard as much food as possible. But also the perfect opportunity for new and sometimes unexpected encounters: to weave interesting relationships, either bizarre or boring, maybe even to find the great love of life…

For this year’s contest the first prize was increased to 2000 Euros! It will be awarded by a jury chaired by Federico Maggioni, that will also have select the 12 authors to be published on the Calendario Duemila 13 as well as the 40 to be gathered in the catalog and to be exposes in the exhibition held in December 2012-January 2013 in Cremona, Italy.

Any Italian or foreign artist can enroll and the execution techniques are free.

For more info, hop to the official website.

Entry Fee

The subscription fee is 10 Euro.