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Tapirulan Illustrators Contest 2015

Tapirulan Cultural Association has recently announced its 10th annual illustration competition – Tapirulan Illustrators Contest 2015 – inviting illustrators around the world to participate. The theme for the 10th Tapirulan Illustrators Contest is set to “X” – X like the letter, X like the number 10 in Roman numerals, X like the unknown, X like goodness only knows what your wild imaginations will come up with.

This time the organizers have raised 2,000 Euro + X for the winner of the Jury prize and 500 Euro + X for the Registered Subscribers’ prize.

As in previous editions the chosen work will participate in the exhibition held in Cremona from December 2014 to January 2015, and in Genova-Nervi between March and June 2015. The selected works will be published in a catalogue and twelve (12) of the illustrations will be chosen for the 2015 Tapirulan Calendar.

Any Italian or foreign artist can enroll. Every candidate is allowed to submit only one brand-new work. Neither prize-winning works nor works previously mentioned for merit will be accepted.

Tapirulan Illustrators Contest 2015 Subscription Fee

The subscription fee is 10 Euro.