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Oakley Disruptive By Design Competition

Designboom, in collaboration with Oakley, is currently hosting the Oakley Disruptive By Design Competition and looking for design #disruptors who will challenge expectations and amaze the world with their approach to design.

Are your designs driven by innovation and a radical new approach? Do you disregard the usual creative parameters, think unconventionally and want to change the world? can you design a better future? Then you are a design #disruptor and the organizers want to hear from you.

History is full of visionaries who have imagined the impossible, turned it into a reality and disrupted the world around them in the process. By embracing radical new visions, ideas and concepts, these #disruptors have been the originators of a new way of thinking, doing and being. They are the revolutionaries of disruptive technology and design.

But disruption isn’t limited to history. It is a necessary part of the future. Across the globe people are challenging norms and envisioning a new, superior future for us, all driven by the knowledge that the world can, and will, be made better. They seek inspiration from the most unique and unusual places. They aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. They are not defied by limits.

They are Disruptive by Design. It is a philosophy. A process. A promise. An inherent need to improve the world around us in an unexpected, innovative way. We can all be Disruptive by Design.

This competition aims to find the next generation of disruptive designers who will make the world sit up and take notice because of their innovative approaches and radical concepts.

The two winning #disruptors will each earn an all expenses paid trip to One Icon, Oakley’s home of disruption in California, USA where they’ll have exclusive access to one of the world’s most innovative design companies.