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Call for Charrette Ideas: USGBC’s 2012 Natural Talent Design Competition

The U.S. Green Building Council wants everyone to submit their idea for the next design challenge in the Natural Talent Design Competition. By submitting your idea, you may have the chance to affect your own community. All you have to do is create a simple submission and send it to them!

USGBC will be holding a charrette in mid to late March to determine the next design challenge for the competition. It will be using your submissions to drive the discussion, so make sure your idea is at the table! The best submission will have the opportunity to participate in the charrette along side green building and community development visionaries.


Choose a subject that represents a need. This can be a person, place or other item within your community that would greatly benefit from a sustainable building solution. The more powerful the need the better, as USGBC is looking for ideas on how a green building can transform a community.

Create your idea for a project on the site you have chosen. Remember that all ideas must be:

  • Buildable – Please make sure that your project idea is buildable. Green space stations or 500,000 sf office parks aren’t buildable!
  • Certifiable – Your project should be certifiable in an existing LEED rating system, so please no LEED Platinum cruise ships or RV’s!
  • Impactful – Your project idea, when built, should provide a social benefit or have a humanitarian impact. Projects that are centered on this idea will be the most likely to be chosen as the charrette submission winner.

Compile your submission. The format is as follows:

  • Image – An image that depicts your subject of choice, landscape format, 2550 x 3300 pixels @ 300 pixels per inch.
  • Summary Word – Overlay one word on top your image. This word should be the most powerful and provocative word that you can think of to summarize your idea.
  • Vision Statement – Additionally, please overlay a 50 word (max) vision statement on top of your image. This vision statement should illustrate your idea in a compelling and powerful manor.
  • Format – Please be sure that all files are submitted as compressed .jpegs and in no other format.


The best submission will have the opportunity to participate in the charrette, USGBC will be holding in mid to late March, along side green building and community development visionaries.


  • Submissions that do not follow the format will not be considered.
  • Please limit each submission to 5MB max.
  • Remember, you can send in as many submissions as you want!

How to enter?

Contribute your submission by uploading it via Dropbox. Make sure you download the Submission Guidelines for the upload password.

If you have any questions, please email: designcompetition [at] (please replace [at] with @).