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Call for Entries: Fotoblur Magazine, Issue 12

Fotoblur is currently looking for photographers who would like to become contributors to Fotoblur Magazine, Issue 12 (The B&W Issue). Fotoblur Magazine is a community based photography publication which has published works by many up and coming photographers including some of worlds top known talents.

Fotoblur loves photos that communicate ideas, stimulate minds, and open eyes to the beautiful world around us. The community at Fotoblur is dedicated to exploring the creative and artistic aspects of photography.

Submit your best black and white photos for free.

Black and White Photography Wanted!

The theme for Fotoblur Magazine, Issue 12 (The B&W Issue) is Black and White. Images which are monochrome, containing hues of black and white can be submitted.

What’s In For You?

Selected images will be published in Fotoblur Magazine, Issue 12. In other words, Fotoblur will get your photos publicized.

Important Regulations for This Call

  • Submit as many photos as you like. No restrictions and its FREE!
  • Submitted photos are voted on by the Fotoblur community. From top picks, editors make their final selections for publication.
  • Submit your photo as a 300dpi jpg file. Save your image so that the width is 7 inches or greater (7″ @ 300dpi = 2100px). Fotoblur Magazine asks that you submit your images in high (80 – 100%) quality. Please keep the file size below 10 MB. Please refrain from adding borders, watermarks, or text of any kind.

How to Submit Your Images?

  • First, join the community.
  • Then submit high resolutions versions of your best gallery photos for possible publication.