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Call for Entries: Fotoblur Magazine, Issue 13

Want to get your photos published? Fotoblur is currently looking for photographers who would like to become contributors to Fotoblur Magazine, Issue 13 | Spring 2012.

Fotoblur Magazine is a community based photography publication which has published the works of both top amateurs and professional photographers. The community is dedicated to exploring the creative and artistic aspects of photography.

Each quarter Fotoblur selects and publishes the best community photos in a new edition of the magazine.

Get Your Photos Published in the Next Edition of Fotoblur Magazine

Submit as many photos as you like in relation to the next edition themes.

  • Lines, Shapes, and Patterns: Images which possess one or more of the following forms: Lines which lead the eye, shapes which create in interesting composition, or repeated patterns.
  • Conceptual: Images which represent a concept or idea. Your images should attempt to convey a message. Usually this message is conveyed through some abstract symbolism which can be interpreted by the viewer.

Submitted photos are voted on by the Fotoblur community, but the final selections are made by the Fotoblur Magazine editors.

Selected images will be published in Fotoblur Magazine, Issue 13.

To submit you need to become a member of the Fotoblur community, through a simple one time registration process.