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Call for Entries: The Missing Link Research Project

Pictoplasma, the world’s leading organisation dedicated to contemporary character design and art in all its many facets and media, is calling for entries for its latest research project called “The Missing Link”.

Pictoplasma is seeking for white, hairy, friendly creatures, just feature-less enough to serve as the perfect empty screen for the viewers to project their own narration, yet exactly the right amount of hairiness, to make you want to get into physical cuddle-mode.

This is an open call, the results from which will be presented at the heart of the upcoming Pictoplasma Exhibition in Paris.

Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch…

Share your graphical character designs of the Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Albino Werewolf, Meh-teh, Nuk-luk, Yeren – or whatever it is called in your part of the world.

Art Installation @ Pictoplasma Paris Exhibition

The result will be presented as an art installation at the heart of the upcoming Pictoplasma Paris Exhibition at “la Gaîté lyrique”, taking place during the month of December.

How to Submit Your Creation?

Send your creation, against white background, as a jpg measuring 1000 x 1000 pixels, accompanied by a text document with your info (name, address, website and email contact), to: missing_link [at] (please replace [at] with @).