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Celeste Prize 2010

The Celeste Prize has been established to promote international contemporary art in the widest possible sense. There will be a final art exhibition with 50 artworks, a final catalogue of circa 150 pages with circa 120 illustrated works of art and critical texts, as well as 6 prize awards totalling €40,000.

The exhibition of finalist works, voting and awards will take place at the Invisible Dog, New York City, USA, in December 2010.

Excellence in content, contemporary aesthetic, technique, and material is sought in the selection of works for the final exhibition.


There is no special subject, title or theme required for participating works, they can range from being figurative to abstract, from conceptual to participatory in content and presentation.

Media are accepted in the following categories:

  • Painting: oil, acrylic, industrial paints, ink, vinyl, watercolour, graphite, pencil, printing of various forms, etc. The work can have any form of support: canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, etc. Diptychs or triptychs are considered one work. The maximum size permitted in a two-dimensional format is 2,5 x 2,5 metres, including any framing (the latter is not necessary).
  • Photography & digital graphics: works in 2D, including digital photography, traditional-analogue photography, net art / web art, computer graphic modelling, software art or works in which several media are used, for example digital manipulations which include the use of painting or other forms of manual expression, polaroids, mobile phones, foto collages, etc. Diptychs or triptychs are considered one work. The maximum size permitted in a two-dimensional format is 2,5 x 2,5 metres, including any framing (the latter is not necessary).
  • Video & animation: works on DVD in original, high quality, are requested for the finalist’s exhibition, while for prize entry and publication on the prize website, you should send or upload your video according to the parameters described in Art. 6. (B) 3 of the official Terms & Conditions.
  • Installation & sculpture: works in 3D, installation, net art, sculpture or any non-media related performances (for live audiovisual performances select ‘Live Media Prize’ below) – all materials are accepted (organic or inorganic), as well as works with an interactive basis and/or connection to electricity, motorisation, light, sound or video.
  • Live media prize & performance: a live audio video set, which includes the use of any form of software. Live audiovisual performances can either be projected on screens or presented as a live audiovisual performance in a space which does not exceed 10 x 10 metres (or both of these together), as well as live audio visual performances which include forms of participatory art.


  • Painting prize: €8,000*
  • Photography & digital graphics prize: €8,000*
  • Video & animation prize: €8,000*
  • Installation & sculpture prize: €8,000*
  • Live media prize & performance prize: €8,000*

*Celeste Prize is organized by an Italian non-profit cultural association and has by Italian Law to hand over to the Italian state 25% of finalists’ prize money for tax purposes. This sum will be withheld by the Organiser from each first prize winner and all finalists. A prize winner or finalist who is non-resident in Italy can request the Italian tax authorities to have his or her tax advance recredited in his/her country of residence, this is a suggestion and in no way represents a certainty guaranteed by Celeste Art Prize.


  • The art competition is open to any person practicing art either as a professional artist in full-time or part-time, student artist or self-taught artist from anywhere in the world.
  • There is no age limit for applicants and the prize is open to all artists whatever their qualifications, whether or not he or she has experience of public or private exhibitions, critical acclaim, or collectors at a national or international level.
  • The prize encourages participation by artists at every level.
  • Works of art submitted to the prize must have been completed in the last 24 months, and do not necessarily have to have been exhibited before.

How to enter?

You can enter this contest either by direct upload on the official website or by post.

Postal address:

Associazione Culturale L’Albero Celeste,
Via Sangallo 23,
53036 Poggibonsi (Siena), Italy.

Entry deadline is 30 September 2010. For applications sent via mail the date of the post mark must be no later than 30 September deadline.

Entry fee

There is a €90 entry fee which gives you a status of Prize Member 2010. By becoming a Prize Member 2010 you get a chance to submit:

  • Two artworks of your choice in “Celeste Prize 2010”.
  • Two artworks in “Expectations”, a multi-exhibition project organised by Celeste in Berlin and New York with a curatorial idea by Manon Slome.

You also get an unlimited use of the sections “Projects” and “Network” on Caleste Network.

The entry fee for everyone who participated in “Celeste prize 2009”, is 60 €, if they become Prize Member 2010 and pay before the expiry date of their 2009 membership.