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CGSociety Challenge: NVART 06: Moving Innovation

CGSociety wants to explore your vision of the future of moving innovation. The challenge is to create stunning product designs for devices integrated in our daily lives. Make it artistic and awe-inspiring, but make it something we can all aspire to in the decade to come. Not sci-fi, just amazingly creative.

Anyone older than 18 may enter and multiple entries are permitted.

This is a great chance to win at least one NVIDIA Quadro 6000 graphic card and huge cash prizes!


Get small. Think big.

The evolution of portable technology will empower all of us in exciting new ways. To do more, in more places. To bring our home, or our work, with us wherever we go. Or leave it all behind and escape. The elements of technology are getting smaller, thinner, and lighter than ever before.

Which gives our imaginations the power to think bigger.

Show how your device integrates with the daily human experience in a revolutionary – yet realistic, attainable – way, delivering groundbreaking new thinking on performing everyday tasks.


In addition to prizes for best artistic imagery, there will be a special prize for the best product visualization.

  • 1ST PRIZE Winner
    • $10,000 USD cash
    • 2 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000
  • 2ND PRIZE Winner
    • $2,000 USD cash
    • 2 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000
  • 3RD PRIZE Winner
    • $1,000 USD cash
    • 1 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000
  • 4TH PRIZE Winner
    • 1 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000
  • 5TH PRIZE Winner
    • 1 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000


  • Entrants must be 18 years or older.
  • Individual entrants only.
  • Entrants are not permitted to enter works on behalf of any other individual or entity.
  • All entries should be original and not a derivative of existing work, including works previously entered in this competition.
  • Multiple entries are permitted.
  • Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge.

How to enter?

Submit your entries on CGSociety, following the official rules.