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Polaroid Eyewear “Best Under The Sun” Design Contest

Polaroid Eyewear, a leader and pioneer in premium polarizing lenses and highly fashionable sunglasses since 1937, encourages students, professionals and design aficionados to design a unique pair of sunglasses inspired by trends from past or future decades – between 1930 and 2020.

Polaroid Eyewear will produce the best designs under its “Best Under The Sun” Signature Sunglass Collection to be launched globally in spring 2013.

Anyone with a design affinity can participate in this competition. The entrant should have design knowhow and should be capable of doing a technical drawing (or have somebody doing the technical drawing for them in line with their original design idea).


The first “Best Under The Sun” Collection was successfully launched in spring 2011 with 10 original designs from the Polaroid archives featuring stunning sunglasses from the 1930s to the 1980s. Now, Polaroid Eyewear is looking to launch fresh, new designs inspired by different decades.

Impress Polaroid Eyewear with fresh sunglass designs, inspired by a decade between 1930 and 2020 that you have created.

For each submitted sunglass design, each participant will have to either come up with 2 detailed technical drawings (created in .ai or .dwg), a front view and a side view, or one 3D drawing (created in .3ds). The drawings must be uploaded onto the official webpage as PDF.

Each participant has to come up with a short description of the idea/story behind the product, a description of materials and measurements, as well as a recommendation for a matching product name.


Submissions will be featured on the Polaroid “Best Under The Sun” webpage and Facebook page. The online community along with an expert jury at Polaroid Eyewear will select up to 10 best designs and the winners will be announced by April 2012.

Up to 10 best selected designs will be launched globally in 2013 as part of the Polaroid “Best Under The Sun” Signature Sunglass Collection and will have the designers’ names in the product description. The winning designers will be paid royalties on every piece of their style sold and will have the opportunity to present their design at the prestigious MIDO optical fair in Milan.


Each design must be:

  • Fully designed by you (new creation)
  • Designed as a sellable, wearable product that can be manufactured
  • POLAROID branded
  • Uploaded onto the official webpage via the “mypage” section

How to enter?

Submit your designs on the official website starting from 1 July until 30 September 2011. Even though entries won’t be accepted until 1 July, the contest is open for registration now and you need to register to be able to download the provided design materials.

For any open questions, please contact contest [at] (please replace [at] with @).