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CLUE 04 – International Lighting Design Competition

CLU Foundation has launched the 4th edition of its CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) International Lighting Design Competition.

This time the competition is themed: Light and the Senses, and is all about designing public spaces which stimulate the human senses.

In early March, 2018, a total of $8,500 will be awarded in prizes, of which $5,000 are reserved for the best design. Prizes will be awarded on merit by an international jury composed of professionals in the fields of design and urban planning. The first place winner will also have a chance to attend LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) – held in Chicago, USA, 8—10 May, 2018.

The competition is open worldwide to upcoming professional with five (5) years or less of experience, students, individuals, trainees, or firms, including: industrial designers, architects, engineers, landscape architects, artists, etc. Multidisciplinary teams are also eligible.

This year’s competition theme is described in details on the official website.

Even from a young age, we know to “use our senses” to investigate the world around us and to guide us through our day-to-day lives. But our senses do more than just identify the world around us: beyond simple perception, our senses play an integral role in our emotional processing, learning, and interpretation of our physical environment. On the other hand, it is well known that our environments generate and stimulate our emotions, whether as individuals or as a collective. Thus, there is a strong social and emotional connection between our senses and how we react to our surrounding environments. With this in mind, the ability to see light is the “dominating” sense that allows us to identify our surroundings.

But how can we use our other senses—touch, smell, hearing, and taste—to aid in this process? How can we design our public spaces to stimulate our senses, follow our social needs, and play a key role in allowing the users to reconnect with our environments and our communities? How can the lighting experience make people feel safe, comfortable, and focused, all while creating an energized and entertaining space? Participants’ projects will have to demonstrate how the relationship between sight (light) and the other chosen sense(s) is at the core of their design solution.

Since 2004, the CLU Foundation has been hosting this international design competition to annually recognizes the best in lighting projects that stand out for their quality of innovation.