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Coca Cola T-shirt Design Competition by UNIQLO

When was the last time you designed anything for Coca Cola? UNIQLO is inviting you to take part in a very challenging T-shirt design competition!

This competition solicits T-shirt designs based on the theme of “Coca-Cola” from countries all around the world. There are absolutely no restrictions on age, gender, nationality, or the like, and submissions from outside of Japan are permitted.

Huge prizes await the creators of the best designs! A Grand prize of $10,000 will be awarded to the designer of the best piece.


Download a template and create t-shirt designs on the theme of “Coca-Cola”. Designs must be two-dimensional, e.g., in the form of a painting, an illustration, a graphic, CG or a photograph, and be premised on its ability to be successfully commercialized as a T-shirt design.

You can work on the full area of both front and back side of the T-shirt.


The Winning pieces will be turned into merchandise as UNIQLO brand T-shirts and will be sold at UNIQLO stores around the world.

  • Grand prize (one piece) – US$10,000
  • Prize for the most votes by website (one piece) – US$5,000
  • Judge´s prize (five pieces) – US$3,000
  • General prize (three pieces) – US$1,000


  • The design(s) must be original work created and owned by you and must not have been previously used or publicly revealed elsewhere.
  • You can select the T-shirt background colour from the ten colour samples.
  • Only online submissions using the template from UTGP website will be accepted. No mail submissions will be accepted.
  • In the case of commercialization of your design, UT Grand Prix office will ask you to submit high resolution data. (The office will contact you prior to the commercialization.)
  • Applicant is responsible for all the cost of creating work(s).

How to enter?

Entries are only accepted online through the official website.