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Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge (CFC) 2013

The Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge is a one-of-a-kind film festival in Los Angeles that invites filmmakers to take part in a collaborative filmmaking project. The challenge is the production of two films in a period of two weeks.

You join as either a filmmaker or a collaborator, then attend orientation in Hollywood on 9 April 2013, when the Theme Quote and the two teams of filmmakers are announced. Then each team creates a film, in a period of one week.

There are three main prizes to be won – $10,000 in cash, in total!

Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge – Get Paired with Other Filmmakers and Make Two Movies in Two Weeks

It’s about who you know! The film industry relies on networking and collaboration more than any other. So why do so many festivals ask filmmakers to create alone? Those lucky enough to get their work screened can make connections, but what about all the guys and gals who bust their humps to make a movie and get left in the cold?

That’s where the Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge (CFC) steps in. They build an environment all about collaborating – not just making a movie, but meeting other filmmakers; and not just meeting them, but working with them. The end result is more connections, more opportunities, and more movies!

For details please visit the official website.

Entry Fee

  • $35 for filmmakers
  • $15 for student filmmakers and collaborator-only entrants