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Contacts Design Challenge – Mozilla Labs

Mozilla Labs is back with a new Design Challenge – and this time you don’t need to be a designer to participate! Join the Contacts Design Challenge and help define & create the next wave of social applications both in the browser and on the Web.

Mozilla Labs is looking for creative answers to the question: “What are the interesting uses of having a complete list of all your contacts and relationships in your browser, for both local browser applications and services on the web?”

Explain your idea or concept with a short video, not longer than 3 minutes.


To participate in this Design Challenge you need to create a short video explaining your idea(s), presenting the mockup and showing how your idea works.

Your video can contain anything from a napkin drawing, a wireframe, to a polished graphic/prototype.

Imagine that a website can ask for permission to access your contacts – it could use this information to send messages to your contacts, or to discover which of your friends are already using the service. What other experiences could be enabled? How could the experience be presented in the browser? How could my friends’ and coworkers’ experience of the web affect my web experience?

Or imagine a Firefox add-on which allows you to share interesting websites you discovered with your friends by simply selecting them from your Contacts list. The add-on could then determine which is the best way to contact each particular contact on your list and send out emails, tweets or status updates on social networks.

Mozilla Labs is interested to hear from you what you would like to use Contacts for – what would be a useful or fun use case for you?


All submissions will be presented on the official website and honors for “Best in Class” in the categories Innovation, Execution, Interaction, Producible plus a People’s Choice Award will be bestowed.


  • This design challenge is open to everyone.
  • Your video should not be longer than 3 minutes.
  • To facilitate the free exchange of ideas, all content and contributions will be licensed under appropriate open source licenses.

How to enter?

Upload your video to a website such as Vimeo, YouTube or Flickr, tag it with “mozconcept” and fill out the submission form (don’t forget to add a short description of your concept) to register your submission.