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Festarte VideoArt Festival Competition 2010

Festarte VideoArt Festival – III International Competition 2010 is a competition of Video Art that comprises an exhibition, awards, and subsequent touring shows of selected works in a few principal Italian museums.

Since 2005, The Associazione Culturale FestArte has been promoting the Festarte Video Art Festival initiative – an international Video Art competition. The initiative developed through an international competition of Video Art that offers new possibilities of expression to young talent in the field as well as to established and innovative talents through selected works in both a contest and in shows, including traveling exhibits to promote artists and the diffusion of their works.


Submit your short videos to the competition. The video pieces must appertain to the genre of video art, and correspond to the theme without any technical limitation to their realization or date of production.

Festarte challenges the artists to investigate on a kind of violence that does not injure the body, that is not visible, that hurts without touching, that dims the mind, deteriorates the existence and the vital force. Perceiving it, uncovering it – a breath of freedom.

The invisible violence is not much recognizable. Often it thrives in the environments that supposedly should embrace us; it can be hidden in unsuspicious attitudes or creeps in the historic, cultural and political contingency.

The invisibile violence is present in a private, public, social context. We are shaped and we do invisible violence.


Works will be chosen for:

  • 1st prize work in the competition – 3.500 euro – [Chosen by the jury]
  • Special “Art Critic” Award- 1000 euro – [Chosen by the Selection Committee]
  • Public Award – 500 euro – [Chosen by the public at the show]
  • Eventual Award Sponsor

In addition to monetary prizes, there will be special mentions.

Award-winning works will be announced during the inaugural evening of the Festival, which will occur in Rome on 15 September 2010.

The Festival also anticipates the exhibition of an ample selection of submitted works. Further showings of the selected works will be subsequently held in a few of the principal Italian museums.

The works selected in competition, out of competition, as well as the special mentions will be added to the official catalogue of the award/exhibition and will benefit from:

  • Promotion in spaces and museums.
  • Press
  • Promotion on the Festarte and Federculture newsletter (around 24.000 subscribers), the Festarte and Federculture websites, artistic channels, and topic websites.


  • The author must be of age (18 years old).
  • Every author can submit one or more works to the competition, provided he/she pays the entry fee and completes the requested materials for each submitted work.
  • Works authored by more than one person are admissible.
  • The video pieces must appertain to the genre of video art, and correspond to the theme without any technical limitation to their realization or date of production.
  • The maximum duration of the works is 8 minutes (480 seconds), including credits.
  • The works should not be of a commercial character (for example, television commercials).

How to enter?

Here is what you need to send:

  1. Formatted DVD (PAL) – they will not be accepted in any other format. – 3 projection-quality copies and 1 copy formatted MP4 with a standard resolution of 720×480. The copies will not be returned.
  2. Paper copy:
    • Fill out and sign the “Entry Form
    • Fill out and sign the “Release Form
    • Brief Artist Resume
    • Photocopy of Entry Fee payment, receipt of money order or moneygram code number.
  3. CD ROM:
    • At least 2 photos of the piece in either black & white or color, as follows: one 300 dpi for the catalogue, equivalent to the dimensions of an A5 (about 14.8×21), and one 75 dpi for the web (maximum 3MB), which are intended to be authorized for publication free of charge (catalogue, magazine, paperwork and/or web material for the promotion of the exhibition and awards)
    • The paperwork as requested by #2 (above)
  4. Send your applications to:

    Associazione Culturale FestArte
    Via dei Lincei, 101 – 00147 Roma

    Entry fee

    The entry fee is 10 euro. (The bank fees are at the expense of the sender).