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CYNETART Festival 2014 Computer Based Art Competition

CYNETART, the 18th International Festival for Computer Based Art and Transdisciplinary Media Projects, is currently accepting applications for its competition for 2014.

The festival, held in Dresden, Germany, has been the focal point of the research at Trans-Media-Akademie (TMA) Hellerau for over eighteen years now. This work has made the festival become a countrywide and internationally recognised platform of digital culture – providing an in-depth overview of current developments of technology-based art.

Winners of the following awards will be selected in this year’s competition:

  1. Grant from the Saxon State Minister for Higher Education, Research and the Arts: 10,000 Euro (German residents only)
  2. The Artist-in-Residence Grant from the Saxon State Minister for for Higher Education, Research and the Arts 2015 awarded in cooperation with the Office of Cultural and Historic Preservation, City of Dresden: 10,200 Euro (German residents only)
  3. CYNETART Award in cooperation with HELLERAU (European Centre for the Arts): 5,000 Euro (international artists)
  4. CYNETART ARTE Creative Commission in cooperation with ARTE Creative: 2,500 Euro (international artists)

The competition is open for work completed during 2012, 2013 or 2014.

Every two years the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau and their partners host the CYNETART Competition and with the historically and currently important Festspielhaus Hellerau it offers an extraordinary venue for public presentations and the performance of inter- and transdisciplinary media art investigations.

Since the foundation in 1997 CYNETART has accomplished a lively mix of creative programmers, skilful engineers and innovative sound technicians and media artists from all over the world. With their original ideas they come together in November every year. The event presents current trends in the artistic contention about and application of computer and network technologies.

CYNETART 2014 is scheduled for 13th-19th November 2014 on several locations in Dresden, Germany.