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Design Against Fur 2010

Design Against Fur is an annual design competition open to all students worldwide. It is organized in four regions, with judging first taking place in each of those regions. The winning artworks from all the regions are then judged internationally and the Grand Prize and People’s Choice winners are chosen.

Make fur unfashionable. Convince consumers that killing animals for their fur is a fashion faux pas.


Design a creative, compelling poster or animation that delivers the compassionate message that the wearing of fur is cruel and unnecessary. We want the modern world to celebrate all animals and not victimize them by killing them to wear their skins – and we want you to help us make that happen.

For the 2010 competition we would like you to focus your work on the use of rabbits in the fur trade:

Each and every year tens of millions of rabbits are raised in cramped conditions and then brutally killed so their fur can be used to trim coats, jackets, boots, scarves and gloves. Their fur is also used to produce toys, stuffed animals, ornaments, trinkets, pet toys, blankets and other fashion and household textiles.

  • Rabbit fur is cheaper to produce than many other animal furs
  • It can take 30-40 rabbits to make just one fur coat
  • Rabbits raised for their fur are killed at several months old, when they have developed a thicker skin and coat
  • The rabbits are kept in small, barren wire cages – their lives are bleak, cramped and short
  • Confined in these tiny cages, they spend their entire lives standing on thin wire which can cause pain, injury and suffering
  • Rabbits are naturally very clean animals and being surrounded by their own waste can be cause health problems
  • Severely restricted in small cages, the rabbits are unable to act out their most basic instinctive behavior, such as digging or running or jumping
  • Slaughter methods include neck-breaking, throat slitting or smashing the rabbit’s skull. They are then strung up and have their heads cut off and fur removed

There is a common misconception that rabbit fur is a ‘by-product’ of the meat industry. It is not, the same ethical and moral considerations that surround other types of animal fur also apply to rabbit fur.

For the 2010 competition your work should convey the message that fur, and specifically the raising and killing of rabbits for their fur, is cruel and unnecessary.

You must only use imagery that you have created yourself, we cannot accept the use of images from third parties, including images purchased from photo agencies.


There are cash prizes and all winners and commended students will receive certificates for their portfolios. Winning work will be promoted on a range of national and international sites, in exhibitions and online galleries.

The three finalists from each region will be automatically entered for the People’s Choice Award ($500 US) – an award chosen by the public via an online vote.

The three finalists from each region will also be considered for the Grand Prize ($1.000 US) – an award chosen by members of the Fur Free Alliance.

Design Against Fur 2010 Prizes


  • No animals were killed, hurt, distressed or mistreated in any way in the production of the artwork.
  • All images used must be created by the entrant, we cannot accept use of images produced by third parties &/or purchased from photo agencies.
  • All entries must be original; and they must be the work and property of the entrant. They must not have been published, broadcast, or otherwise publicly distributed previously, and must not infringe on any third party rights.
  • We accept no responsibility for any entrants’ designs including, but not limited to, wording or images used. We are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will not become involved in copyright disputes.
  • The judges decisions are final. Artwork cannot be returned to the entrant after submission.
  • All entries must be submitted by and be the work of college/university level students who are registered during the winter and/or spring terms of 2009/2010. One entry per person or group. Multiple entries will automatically disqualify the entrants.
  • By entering the competition the student agrees to transfer or cede all commercial and non-commercial rights and property interests in the artwork to the Fur Free Alliance and/or its affiliated organizations for free use, in any manner, in perpetuity.
  • The Fur Free Alliance and/or its affiliated organizations undertake to acknowledge/credit the artist(s), whenever appropriate and possible in the context of such use.

Design Against Fur 2010 Official Rules
Design Against Fur 2010 Competition Overview

How to enter?

To enter the Design Against Fur 2010 competition please complete the online registration form.