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Design Educates Awards 2023

Laka Foundation is accepting entries to the Design Educates Awards (DEAwards) 2023 — international competition which recognizes the best ideas and implementations of architecture and design that educate.

The theme of the awards is inspired by the research titled “Educating Buildings” (“Bildende Bauten”) by Dr. Peter Kuczia.

The DEAwards recognize, showcase, and promote the best projects of architecture and design that provide an informative and educational layer that guides us through the increasing complexity of our environment. Such a layer can highlight specific possibilities and challenges, explain sociocultural factors and influences, or even outline new scenarios for future development.

Competition categories include:

  1. Product Design — Products of all scales and types: eg. industrial products, household goods, tools as well as.
  2. Architectural Design — Buildings, landscaping, and small forms that bring change to their surroundings.
  3. Responsive Design — A building, object, or product that are capable of reacting to conditions in a given environment, recognizing a problem and finding a solution by interacting with its surroundings and users.
  4. Universal Design — The designs that may not be strict in architecture or product design or are interdisciplinary or difficult to categorize into other categories.

In addition to the general evaluation, the student project with the highest score will be awarded the label of Emerging Designers. Parallel to the Jury’s evaluation, representatives of Solarlux will select the laureates of Solarlux Choice.

The 2023 awards ceremony will take place during the Architecture in Foyer 2023 conference at the Solarlux Campus in Germany (Melle, Lower Saxony, Germany) 22–23 September. The laureates and winning entries will also be presented in the annual publication of Design Educates. Please check the official website for the full list of prizes & benefits.

The host of the Design Educates Awards is Laka Foundation, a non-profit organization and a worldwide network focused on social impact via design and architecture.

Design Educates Awards 2023 – Fees

The Basic registration fee per entry [USD] is:

  • Individual student: $100
  • Team of students: $125
  • Individual professional: $250
  • Company > 10 employees: $300
  • Company 11 – 100 employees: $350
  • Company 100+ employees: $600