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Design Skill Awards 2024

Elegance meets innovation in the second edition of the Design Skill Awards! Are you ready to elevate your design journey to new heights?

Open to everyone from well-respected design firms to emerging solo innovators. The full spectrum of creative excellence from various corners of the world.

The initiative is more than a simple celebration of talent; it’s a tribute to design’s profound impact on human life. Structured to be transparent, innovative, and inclusive, the awards welcome a variety of contributions across the full breadth of design disciplines.

A wide spectrum of the Design Skill Awards 2024 Categories – lots of chances to win! Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Fashion, Furniture, Lighting, Packaging, Product, Transportation, App, Audio & Video, Branded Content, Event, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Social Media, Typography, Website and more…

What’s in it for You?

  • Receive an Electronic Certificate of Achievement to commemorate your place in design history, along with a Personalized Award Logo for your website and social media platforms.
  • Seize the opportunity to order a brand-new Award Trophy, made of marble and solid wood, engraved with your project’s title, your name, and studio details.
  • Gain exclusive visibility with a Dedicated Landing Page on Design Skill Magazine’s website.
  • Amplify your reach with Promotional Banners crafted to engage audiences on your website and social media.
  • Experience your success going viral as we highlight your project across Design Skill Magazine’s Instagram and Facebook platforms.
  • Enjoy further recognition as Design Skill Magazine’s esteemed media partners feature selected winners on their platforms.

The Design Skill Awards, organized by Design Skill Magazine, is an initiative that aims to honor, celebrate, and promote exceptional design talent from around the world. It offers a stage where every nuance of creativity can be appreciated and rewarded. With a reach extending to over 3 million users, the Design Skill Awards promises a wealth of opportunities for aspiring and established designers alike.

Please visit the official website for more details on how to register and submit your projects.

Design Skill Awards 2024 – Entry Fees

  • $120 – until 26th April 2024 – Early Bird Registration
  • $160 – 21st June 2024 – Standard Registration
  • $200 – 30th August 2024 – Late Registration