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Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2024 – Installation Competition

Tallinn Architecture Biennale is hosting a 2-stage Installation Competition for an urban break space in Tallinn that offers shelter from weather and a waiting area for buses, trains, trams.

The competition is directed towards emerging architectural talent and is open to all graduated architects or teams composed of at least one architect.

During 1st stage, the jury will select 10 runner-ups and provide feedback to situate the concept more carefully into the site as an architectural project for a public use pavilion in the heart of Tallinn. Each runner-up team receives €500 after submitting 2nd stage deliverables. Winning proposal will receive €3,000 prize for an author’s fee. The budget for installation is currently €12,000.

All successful entries will be presented as a separate Installation Programme exhibition along the TAB curatorial exhibition at the Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn.

The competition site is on the new square of Balti Jaam or Tallinn Baltic Station. It is the main railway station in Tallinn, Estonia and also a public transportation hub for inner city buses, trams and trolley buses, as well as a destination for regional buses. Balti Jaam is located on the edge of the still largely intact Tallinn Bastion Belt, which encircles the UNESCO protected medieval Tallinn Old Town.

Tallinn Architecture Biennale has been bringing contemporary ideas to the architectural discourse since its inception in 2011. With this year’s 2-stage Installation Competition, they wish to continue this path, by firstly formulating an ambitious thesis in the form of a conceptual proposal, and secondly, constructing a real scale design fragment of it. After the biennale, the project will be considered for a full scale public design project by Tallinn city government.

Please visit the official website for further details.