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Distracted by Art 2012 Graphic Design Contest

ConceptoMed in Norway is looking for sparkling new graphic designs to be printed on large scale on the patient’s side of the innovative ConceptoShield – a paper shield to mount onto a patient, improving quality of medical procedures and patient experience. Your design will help the ConceptoShield with its functionality and will be visible to a very big audience.

What would you like to have on the ConceptoShield to make your doctor’s visit more pleasant? What would be good for children, teenagers, adults and elderly?

Anyone with a new design can enter the competition, not only professional artists or graphic designers.

Design New Prints for ConceptoShield and Win up to 16.000 NOK

The four categories represent the target groups for which the graphic designs will be printed on the ConceptoShield:

  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Elderly

A total of 16.000 NOK (approx. 2,800 USD) is rewarded for the winning designs, divided evenly over four categories. The 1st prize winner in each of the four categories will be rewarded with 4.000 NOK.

Please visit the official website for further details.