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DUBAI Architecture School Tower Design Competition

[AC-CA] has launched a new single stage international competition, inviting architects around the world to design an Architecture School Tower in Dubai. Submissions can be the work of an individual or a group up to 4 members and there is no age limit.

Winning participants will receive prizes totaling US$ 6,000.

Through this Competition [AC-CA] hopes to achieve the following:

  • Encourage and reward design excellence on a large scale which integrates function, structure, detail, etc..
  • Increase research for design of “vertical” education environments or structures.
  • Generate discussion and ideas about educational buildings together with the employment of sustainable design consideration.
  • Offer students an opportunity to experience the best education through the use of the most functional pedagogical tool of which this tower will form an integral part.

[DUBAI] Architecture School Tower is an open International Competition hosted by [AC-CA] to generate progressive contemporary design ideas. There are no plans for the Architecture School Tower to be built.

[DUBAI] Architecture School Tower Competition Entry Fees

  • US $80 – 8th November through 20st December 2013
  • US $120 – 21st December 2013 through 21st February 2014