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SLANT Landscape Design Competition 2013/2014 – Transition

The SLANT non-profit organization has recently announced and opened its 2013/2014 International Landscape Design Competition, themed “Transition”.

For the fifth SLANT competition you are invited to submit a design for a public space/park which will be designed to incorporate, in part or in whole, the concept of “Transition” and you’re free to interpret this concept as you please.

This is an open international competition and as such is open to all designers of all disciplines, and at all levels of experience.

Here is a bit more information about the theme, from the official website:

Transition effect us all most days of our lives and it can be found in many different areas of our interests and activities. Politics, the Arts, Technology, History, Geography, Geology, Society, Family, Religion… these are just some of the areas that can express and experience transition, but you have a free hand in selecting your own area of interest on which to base your concept and design.

So in other words, apart from providing all of the facilities and features, including cafés and restaurants, toilets etc. which you believe will make this an attractive and practical public space, we want you to give expression to our theme of “transition”. Some may choose to express this concept right across their entire design, whilst others may select to confine it to specific areas or perhaps to an object such as a work of art, or then again others may choose to design a structure such as a pavilion, however, regardless of which method you choose, it is important that you express the theme in a meaningful way.

The site in question is not a real site, it has been designed solely for this competition, and its location is not being specified.

SLANT Landscape Design Competition 2013/2014 Entry Fees

The early bird entry fees – for entries submitted before midday GMT on 20 December 2013 – are:

  • One Person: €40
  • Team of Two Persons: €60
  • Team of Three Persons: €90
  • Team of Four or More Persons: €120
  • Firm/Company: €120