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Emerging Focus Photography Competition 2013

Emerging Focus is inviting photographers around the world to enter the 2013 Emerging Focus Photography Competition and compete for huge international publicity! The competition is presented by photo l.a., the longest running photography fair west of New York City, as well as The Icon’s Fine Art Department, the unparalleled resource in Los Angeles for photographers, fine artists, museums, and more.

Winners of the Emerging Focus Photography Competition earn the opportunity to introduce their work and themselves to the top level galleries, collectors, dealers, curators, and enthusiasts in the industry, among other prizes that could change an artist’s career forever.

The 2013 Emerging Focus International Photography Competition Opens for Entries

The mandate of Emerging Focus is simple: the organizers want to spotlight the revolutionary, the groundbreaking, the avant-garde, and the virtuosos of tomorrow’s photography world by focusing on them today. Their mission is to provide a platform for these artists to distinguish themselves and their work, to exhibit their art and their approaches, and to lead them into the world of fine art photography and foster their relationships with galleries, collectors, dealers, curators, and enthusiasts.

Emerging Focus accepts images across genres and styles. All submissions will be judged based on an artist’s vision, creativity, and skill.

This competition is open to international artists, who are 13 years of age or older as of the date of entry.

More info available on the official website. Please make sure you visit it.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is is forty dollars ($40.00 USD) for the first time an entrant completes the shopping cart and checkout process, thus purchasing 5 (five) image entry slots. Any additional image entry slots cost ten dollars ($10.00 USD) per image.