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FaceUp1 – Online Makeup Competition

FaceUp1 is the world’s first online makeup competition for creative professionals who like challenges and are willing to show the world their work.

FaceUp1 makeup competition is a one-of-a-kind initiative for the world’s makeup artists to get to know one another and to get the opportunity of international exposure.

Don’t miss out on this year’s largest professional competition, which offers world fame as its main prize. It’s time to grab your brush and embrace your fantasy!


Take photos of your model before and during work, and eventually of the completed work, too.

In order to achieve the best result, the work can be completed with the assistance of hairdresser, stylist, photographer etc. As if it was for a magazine’s cover photo!

Choose the category you belong to and the event you wish to participate in.

  • Categories:
    • Amateur / Student
    • Makeup Artist
    • Makeup Master
  • Events:
    • Women’s Fashion Makeup
    • Pin up babe
    • Competition of fantasy: Create your own hero!


Outstanding participants will be given wings to flourish in their international professional careers and will receive international acclaim and acknowledgment.


  • Applications are welcome from all over the world.
  • Everyone can compete in their own category (amateur/student, makeup artist and makeup master).
  • Non-professionals can also demonstrate their knowledge to the world.
  • The only restriction is your own imagination.

How to enter?

Register on the competition’s website and submit your entries.

The followings are needed to enter the contest in every category:

  • 1 picture of the artist competing in the contest / only the artist should be visible
  • 1 picture of the model before starting work / only the model should be visible, prior the makeup process
  • 2 pictures that clearly show the model and the hairdresser during work
  • 1 photo of the makeup where the model is with closed lids
  • 1 photo of the makeup where the model is with open eyes
  • 1 style photo only of the model, of the ready work, containing the complete harmony of make-up, clothes, hairstyle and background etc.
  • (as if the photo was taken to the first page of a magazine). The quality has to be in 300dpi.
  • 3 detailing photo (not compulsory)

Entry fee

The entry fee is 30 Euro for each event. Entry fee must be paid separately at every event.

In case if you pay the application fee until 4 August 2010 you only need to pay 20 euros for each event instead of 30 euros.