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Fado Design 3D Printing Eyeglass Frames Design Contest

Fado Design is hosting their second 3D printing design contest, this time for eyeglass frames based on innovative additive manufacturing in metal DMLS (Direct metal laser sintering) technology.

The organizer’s purpose is to find talented, open-minded designers for cooperation and joint development of possibilities offered by 3D printing in DMLS technology.

The best designs will be awarded with three jury awards. The 1st Place prize is 2,000 Euro. Three Audience awards will also be announced.

Submitted designs should highlight the advantages of using DMLS technology — 3D printing in metal (stainless steel, titanium) — in product design.

The most desired designs will be those which would be very difficult, if not almost impossible to produce with the use of other methods of manufacturing.

The Contest has international character and is not limited to any specific territory. It is open to creative individuals and co-authors alike, in particular to art school pupils, students and independent artists.

FADO design is a group of young people fascinated by 3D printing. They want to combine their technical know-how with designers’ imagination in order to create new quality products.