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Fentress Global Challenge (FGC) 2023

The Fentress Global Challenge (FGC) 2023 competition has been announced and opened for entries.

FGC is open to graduate and undergraduate students currently pursuing architecture or engineering degrees in an accredited university program, as well as recent graduates (within the last four years) with a degree in architecture or engineering.

A total of $16,000 will be awarded to the best entries. The 1st Place award is $10,000.

FGC represents an extraordinary exploration into the future of architecture, and in so doing, continues to advance the pursuit of innovative design in public architecture.

Participants are challenged to envision a terminal building for the year 2100.

Despite a multitude of technological advances including video conferencing and drones, the proliferation of airports worldwide continues to be spurred on by global commerce and an unrelenting demand for travel.

While the airport terminal—conceived a century ago—is a relatively new architectural typology, it has since its inception held equal importance with quintessential civic buildings: city halls, courthouses, libraries, museums, and theaters. Yet, airports are uniquely complex and they are more than just high volume transportation hubs. Increasingly, airports are also workplaces, centers of commerce, recreational outlets, and cultural resources.

Participants are challenged to select an existing airport and envision how its terminals will evolve in a distant future year. This task involves a careful consideration of local context, technological trends, project feasibility, and the crucial aspect of enhancing passenger experience. The competition has become a catalyst for advancing the pursuit of innovative design in the aviation sector.

Fentress Global Challenge (FGC) is an annual international student design competition launched in 2011 by Curtis Fentress. Over the years, it has attracted a remarkable array of submissions, with student teams from over 160 countries contributing over a thousand entries.

No Entry Fee!

It's free to enter.