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FILE – Electronic Language International Festival 2012

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival is open for new entries, by the end of February, to be exhibited in FILE 2012 exhibition. The 13a- edition of FILE in São Paulo will happen between July and August, 2012, in the Art Gallery of SESI-SP at FIESP Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center.

The Festival accepts lots of different types of artworks in 3 main groups: sound and music artworks, interactive artworks and digital artworks.

Besides exhibition entrance, FILE will receive proposals for lectures and workshops to participate at FILE Symposium and Workshop 2012. Both events will happen simultaneously during the first week of FILE 2012 exhibition, in São Paulo.

FILE Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica 2012 is Calling for Entries

FILE includes the following specific categories:

  1. Electronic Sonority: As electronic sonority are understood all research and experiences in the wide scope of sounds, having therefore a wider comprehension than the ambit of music, and open to possible transversalities with other disciplines, such as: Sound Performance, Sound Installations, Sound Art, Genetic Music, Biological Music, Erudite Electronic Music, Pop-Electronic Music, Radio Drama, Radio Art, Sound Landscape, Sonic Robotics, Video Music, Sound Poetry, and so on.
  2. Interactive Arts: As interactive arts are understood all research and experiences in the ambit of art that use interactive media and which take in consideration the intersection among art, science and technology, as well as the possible transversalities with other disciplines, being: installations, performances, internet projects, virtual reality, augmented reality, multitouch tables, digital objects, outdoor projections, projects for mobile phones, electronic graffiti, vrml, and so on.
  3. Digital Language: As digital language are understood all the research and experiences in the wide scope of the multiple disciplines that use digital media, as well as the possible transversalities among them, being: Digital Games (in all their modalities), Animation (in all its modalities), Digital Films, Machinima, Digital Video, Digital Architecture, Digital Fashion, Digital Design, Robotics, Artificial Life, Biologic Art, Transgenic Art, Software Art, New Interfaces, Second Life Performances, Anime, Hypertext, Non-Lineal Scripts, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Picture-Panoramas, Programming Language, Digital Poetry, Digital Dance, and so on.

Each participant may send up to 3 proposals of works that have been accomplished in the last 3 years (2009, 2010, 2011) for FILE 2012.

Selected works will become part of the 13a- edition of FILE Exhibition.

Registration is possible through the official website.