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Fog Analogies – SEAMLab 2010 scholarship competition

SEAMLab’s inaugural Scholarship Competition encourages students to thoughtfully consider contemporary challenges and opportunities that exist in material design, architecture, engineering, science, and the built and natural environments. This Scholarship Competition invites students of architecture, art, design, engineering, planning and science to submit research, speculations, or design projects that operate as FOG ANALOGIES.

SEAMLab, a not-for-profit organization, is a collaborative think-tank dedicated to research and dissemination of design-based knowledge focused on materiality within the built environment.


Created by the evaporation of liquid water or the sublimation of ice, fog produces diffuse and lightweight particles of suspended mist. The combination of density and proximity generates conditions ranging from complete opacity to relative transparency. Furthermore, at a macro-scale, fog captures warmth as it blankets its surroundings. At once a boundary and also a space, fog defines and transforms landscapes as it responds to thermal shifts.

The physical manifestation of fog is characteristic of numerous ephemeral and sensory qualities linking it to the phenomenology of experience. Fog exists in a liminal state hovering between solid and liquid, the sky and the ground, a dematerialization of water.

New material possibilities can be derived from in-depth studies of the environmental condition of fog. The efficiency and complexity of the atmosphere creates a dynamic environment that sustainably negotiates the exchange of energy, light, pressure, and temperature.


These submissions should utilize select characteristics of fog to propose a responsive material, structure, or environment pertaining to one of the following three categories:

  • Material _dematerialized matter
  • Structure _dematerialized space
  • Environment _dematerialized landscape


Competition winners will be awarded monetary scholarships for graduate study at a United States college or university. One to three finalists will be awarded $500 to $1000 USD scholarships. Additional merit finalists will be identified for inclusion in an Exhibition. Scholarship awards will be mailed directly to the applicant’s institution.


  • Entrants must be matriculating students in a degree-seeking graduate program of study in a United States college or university.
  • Applicants from architecture, art, design, engineering, landscape, and planning are encouraged to apply.
  • Student status will be verified prior to the issuance of scholarship awards.

How to enter?

  • Download and complete the official application form.
  • Competition entry submitted on a single 8-1/2” x 14” PDF [legal size] up to 4 pages including a 350-word [maximum] description.
  • Each entry should be supported by appropriate images, diagrams, drawings, renderings, graphs, and/or photographs of models.
  • Zip application form and competition entry together in a folder titled “yourlastname_projectname” [example: harris_ephemeral].

Entries can be sent electronically to or by traditional mail on the following address:

3470 Tilden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19129