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Free Software and Hardware Research Residency 2011 – Rustines | Lab

Rustines | Lab is a creative research-creation lab dedicated to supporting media arts, new media, and audio art projects. The lab’s primary purpose is to provide the community with a place to connect with various actors and practitioners in both local and international contemporary art scenes.

Once a year Rustines | Lab hosts one free software and hardware research residency.

If you have practice in digital art or/and in computer science or/and electronic you’re eligible to enter. The objective of this program is to assist in the development of a free software and/or hardware project targeting the digital arts milieu.

Target Group

The objective of this residency program is to assist in the development of a free software and/or hardware project targeting the digital arts milieu. It is addressed as much to artists as to programmers and electronic engineers, either locally or internationally, who are developing one or more open source tools. The program will financially assist them for a specific duration in development of the project. The residency will conclude with a public presentation of the tool developed, in lecture or workshop form.

This residency program expresses a desire to directly support the development of free software software and hardware. Increasingly, artists are using and developing such tools for their digital arts projects, because it enables them to appropriate and modify the tools and participate in their development through various, often international, communities. While access to commercial software and hardware is supported by professional and academic artistic institutions and their founders though licenses acquisition, open source development is given often very little support. In view of the positive repercussions it canhave on users practice and on the community at large, this residency program aims to support the development of open source tools.

To be eligible to apply, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • To have a practice in digital art or/and in computer science or/and electronic.
  • To develop a software or hardware tool distributed under a free software license.
  • To be an individual or a collective.

Selection criteria

  • Relevance of the project as part of the free software/hardware development for the digital arts community.
  • The artistic or/and technical merit of the applicant(s).


The residency lasts from 3 to 6 weeks and takes place in 2011.

Residency Value

The artist or programmer will receive a fee, along with access to spaces and equipment at Rustines | Lab.

  • An $1750 artist fees is provided;
  • A $300 production budget is available;
  • The resident will have full access to the Rustines | Lab;
  • The resident will have access to the Lab equipment;

For this year, the centre will not participate in the accommodation or transportation of the resident (if, applicable).


Further information request and submission should be address to rustines [at] (please replace [at] with @).

Application includes:

  • A résumé and a biography;
  • An artist statement;
  • Project description including objectives for the residency;
  • Audiovisual support material: Website and/or DVD;
  • Selected dates for the residency;
  • A plan for public presentation.

Application may be submitted either in French or English.