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Friedrich Becker Prize 2011

In awarding the Friedrich Becker Prize – donated by Hildegard Becker – the Hanau Association for Goldsmiths’ Art (Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst), wishes to commemorate this extraordinary individual and important designer, Friedrich Becker, and entirely in accordance with his spirit, to distinguish the best of the best from among the succeeding generation of designers.

The prize is endowed with €5,000 and is awarded every three years since 1999 by the Hanau Association for Goldsmiths’ Art, for exceptional, personally created design with highest-quality execution.


A piece of jewelery or a small utensil, either one-of-a-kind or a prototype for serial production, may be submitted. The theme is open. Your latest work or an older object are equally welcome.

As materials, gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel will be accepted. Diamonds, other precious stones, pearls, glass and synthetic stones may be used as supplementary materials.


The prize is €5,000 and will be awarded on 7 May 2011, at the Goethe Museum, Schloss Jägerhof, in Düsseldorf.


  • Gold- and silversmiths, metal artists, and designers, both domestic and foreign, are invited to submit entries.
  • Each entrant may submit only one work, which must be exclusively his own design and execution.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a digital photograph (tif or jpg min. 1900 x 1900 pixel).
  • Shipping costs in both directions are the responsibility of the participant.
  • For return shipping including insurance €25 (Germany), €30 (Europe) in cash must be included and €40 (Non-European countries in US$, no cheques).

How to enter?

Entries must reach the Hanau Association for Goldsmiths’ Art post paid and accompanied by a complete registration form, between 7-14 March 2011.

Please read complete official rules and consider the specific instructions for sending entries from Non-EU and Non-European countries.

Postal address:

Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
Altstädter Markt 6
D-63450 Hanau