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Future Generation Art Prize 2010

The Future Generation Art Prize established by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation is a worldwide contemporary art prize to discover, recognize and provide long-term support to a future generation of artists. Artists around the world, without restriction of gender, nationality, race or artistic medium may enter the competition through online application.

20 shortlisted artists will be selected to show their work in an exhibition at the PinchukArtCentre (Kiev). These artists will be judged by an international Jury who will award one main prize and up to five special prizes. The first prize will receive $100,000.


PinchukArtCentre (PAC) is an international centre for art of the 21st century. The PAC is an open platform for the artists, the art work and society.

Its definite innovative profile is aimed at the dynamic interlacing of new production, presentation, and collection bridging national identity and international challenge. It is an ideal venue for masterworks and workgroups by outstanding artists of our time which reflect and represent the complexity of the world, transforming it into a unique and new form.

The PAC is a temporary studio, a research and production laboratory for projects still to be developed – projects which uncompromising artistic extreme and intensity give validity to the works.

These central themes sustainably determine its work and create a corporate identity in the following fields of activity: collection, exhibitions, projects, communication, education, publications, research, technology, and architecture.

Thus, PAC provides a significant contribution to the freedom of the artist’s work and the viewer’s individuality.


Submit your works to the competition through the online application.

Official press release (PDF)


The Main Prize will be awarded to one artist who will receive the amount of US$ 100,000 from the international jury in the context of an exhibition. The Prize will be split in US$ 60,000 in cash and US$ 40,000 for the investment of new work production.

Within the framework of selecting the Prize winner, the jury will have the opportunity to additionally award up to five Special Prizes to support young talents.

The Prizes will not be bound to a financial award but rather serve above all to support the further development of the artists in form of residences in different art contexts.

Up to US$ 20,000 can be divided for about five Special Prizes.


  • All artists up to 35 may apply with their work without any restrictions concerning gender, nationality, race or artistic medium.
  • The artists apply through an open call via the Internet. Application form shall be available to all on the Prize website.
  • Additionally, 100 correspondent art experts from all over the world will nominate a minimum of two and a maximum of five candidates. The experts are curators, artists, critics and tutors at art colleges and academies. All artists apart from former Prize winners are be eligible to apply multiple times, as long as they continue to fulfil the entry conditions.
  • A Selection Committee will review the applications and select up to twenty artists for the exhibition. The Selection Committee has the right to exclude applications which do not comply with the rules. The Selection Committee consists of experts on contemporary art. The members of the Selection Сommittee are put forward by the Jury. Each Jury member suggests one Committee member.

Future Generation Art Prize Participation Rules

How to enter?

Artists around the world, without restriction of gender, nationality, race or artistic medium may enter the competition through online application.