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Schindler Award 2010

The Schindler Award is an architecture competition that challenges young architects to place “Access for All” at the center of their design philosophy. Open to students and schools of architecture in Europe, the Award recognizes urban designs that are characterized by inclusiveness and barrier-free mobility for people of all ages and capabilities. The competition is held under the patronage of the Schindler Group, and is an excellent opportunity for graduating architects to have their designs judged by a professional jury.

The Schindler Award challenges young architects to think beyond form, light and materials and to focus on the needs of the people who will eventually inhabit the structures and spaces that they design.


Since the first competition in 2003/04, the Schindler Award has contributed a great deal to raising awareness of the issue of accessibility among young architects and architectural institutions in Europe.

The Award grew out of the Schindler Group’s involvement in the European Year of Disabled People in 2003, when Schindler supported projects aimed at raising awareness of the obstacles faced by disabled people. Initially, the Award concentrated on improving disabled access. But rapid urban growth and demographic changes have made accessibility an issue for all urban dwellers, and the Award has broadened its focus accordingly.

A significant achievement of the Schindler Award has been to bring accessibility as a topic into European schools of architecture. Many schools which supported their students’ participation have introduced the topic into lectures and their curricula with the result that many young architects in Europe realize that accessibility – or more often the lack of it – affects a significant and growing proportion of the population.


The task is aimed at transforming this somewhat neglected area of the Olympic grounds into a pleasing, functional and fully accessible sport and leisure compound.

Please find here detailed information about the competition Task:


The grand jury will nominate ten projects, from which the winners will be selected. All nominees along with the representatives of the nominated universities will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony. Schindler will refund the expenses for the journey and accommodation.

During the Award Ceremony, the following prize money will be awarded:

Students’ Prizes:

  • €5,000 for the winner
  • €3,000 for second place
  • €2,000 for third place
  • €1,000 each for fourth and fifth places

Special Mentions:

In addition to the winners, the jury may award special prizes to projects with of particular merit.

Schools’ Prizes:

Those schools which have pre-selected one of the ten nominated projects automatically qualify to participate in the schools’ competition. They receive the following prizes:

  • €25,000 for the highest-ranking project
  • €15,000 – second highest-ranking project
  • €10,000 – third highest-ranking project

If, among the ten nominated projects, there are fewer than three projects pre-selected by participating schools, the number of schools’ prizes will be reduced accordingly.

The prize money for schools will be forwarded directly to the research unit of the participating faculty.


  • The competition is open to all students in their final year of study on a bachelor’s course or those enrolled on a master’s course at a European university or college of architecture. Students wishing to participate may apply by filling in the online application form on this website. Applications may be submitted by individuals or by teams consisting of a maximum of three students.
  • All competitors must provide an e-mail address through which they can be contacted. All applications will be confirmed by email within seven days.
  • Each student whose application is accepted will receive an official entry number. This entry number should thereafter be quoted in all future correspondence with the competition management.
  • Only schools or universities which apply with a minimum 12 students for the Schindler Award and fulfill the requirements of article 6 will be eligible for the schools’ competition.

Schindler Award 2010 Competition Rules

How to enter?

Register to the contest by using the official online registration form.