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Future of Money Design Award 2013

The Future of Money Award has been running since 2009 and was created to develop links between the financial industry and creative practitioners from around the world. This is achieved by awarding the opportunity to present thought-provoking ideas to a group of financial experts and industry leaders, during Tomorrrow’s Transactions, the 16th annual Consult Hyperion Forum in London.

This years design brief is: Design A Future Financial Crime.

The winner of the first prize in 2013 will be awarded £750.

Future of Money Design Award 2013: Design A Future Financial Crime

As our money becomes completely electronic, new crimes will undoubtedly be committed which take advantage of the technology itself. Perhaps if we could imagine what crimes might happen, we could start to think about how to prevent them.

What financial crimes could be committed within a completely electronic marketplace?

The organizers invite creative practitioners to imagine and design a future monetary based crime. A crime which utilises a loophole, a social convention or specific technology.

This competition will run in two phases. In the First (Initial Idea) Phase entrants are invited to submit concepts. Shortlisted concepts will be announced in the Second (Project Development) Phase and will be awarded with £500 each for the development and the production of a short video. The videos and concepts will be judged during the annual Tomorrrow’s Transactions forum in London, and prizes will be handed out to the winners.

The 1st prize winner will be awarded £750. 2nd and 3rd prizes will also be announced.