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Ghost Project 2010 – Industrial Design Regional Yearly Review – Mikser

Invitation to all interested parties in the South East Europe to apply for the competition and participation in the exhibition “Ghost project 2010” – Industrial Design Regional Yearly Review.

“Balkan Ghosts” is an initiative to connect Balkan designers and multiply networks of progressive activities in the region, as well as re-establishing broken connections between different cultures, various creatives, design and business, man and nature.

After four years of our continuous work to revive the industrial design in Serbia, Ghost Project has become the regional platform for the promotion of design.


Ghost Project is initiated and organized by the cultural organisation Mikser.


Send your industrial designs (furniture, lighting, everyday objects, interior elements etc.) to the competition.

Mikser’s jury will select the works based on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Innovation
  • Functionality
  • Technical and technological viability of the design. Ghost Project will showcase only the prototypes. Submitted designs should be executable only in technologies available to the designer.
  • Aesthetics
  • Environmental aspects of the product – submitted design should be eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Management of resources and materials. Careful, rational use of materials and resources necessary for the production of the object will be considered an added value. The jury will particularly value the relationship of the object toward the limitations of the contemporary industrial design. Social and economic context, endangered natural resources, limited availability of the materials and technologies used on the domestic market should be treated as a design challenge and an inspiration for solutions that open up new possibilities.


Chosen works will be part of a Mikser festival’s central exhibition in the Talent zone. Mikser festival is taking place from 25-29 May 2010, at an attractive industrial location on the bank of Danube.


  • The competition is open to individual designers in South East European countries.
  • Each candidate can submit several designs.

How to enter?

Technical solutions and 3D visualisations of the design should be submitted in an electronic form as a PDF or JPG in web resolution (72 dpi, ~640×480 pixels), as well as the detailed description of the design (Word document) to email address: