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Global Design Competition – Redesign the Globe Cafe

The Global Design Competition is open to individuals and organizations world-wide and aims to collect a broad variety of design solutions for low carbon restaurants by any means possible, including but not limited to reduction in the need for electricity, food product choices, localized power generation and waste energy capture and reuse.

Participants are encouraged to form multidisciplinary teams to ensure feasibility of designs by taking into full account the areas of building design and construction, appliance engineering and restauranteering.


The primary goal of the competition is to create a shareware reference collection of design solutions for sustainable restaurants and cafes that will serve as models, in Seattle and other cloudy places. The database will also function as a services directory for design teams.

Each submission must contain the following elements:

  • A written synopsis (maximum 500 words) of the whole working system describing how the equipment and building work together to deliver the product.
  • Technical drawings and materials lists demonstrating feasibility of all equipment systems as they integrate into the pre-existing structure. Written synopsis of sub-systems may be included (maximum of 250 words per drawing) but are not required. Specific locations of all equipment, preparation surfaces, storage, and point of sale must be noted. These aspects must correspond to the written description and be appropriate to the output schedule of the product. When using standard ‘off the shelf’ appliances, the make and model numbers must be included.
  • An architectural drawing and materials list for the proposed kitchen and dining room interior
  • An architectural drawing and materials list for the building exterior if your design includes any added structures or alterations
  • Restaurant operations description including appropriate product volume, output schedule, and staffing (maximum 300 words)
  • Estimated financial budget for project completion including all appliances and equipment, purchased or manufactured, and the construction of the restaurant interior. It is NOT necessary to include a financial budget for the food product expense and revenue.
  • A menu of food items that is conducive to any of the local demographic preferences and restaurant style categories and can be prepared along an appropriate output schedule.
  • Estimated carbon budget for the building renovation and construction, operations, and menu.
  • A Conceptual energy model for the whole restaurant space.

Judging criteria:

  • The Restaurant Site
    • Elimination of the need for electricity
    • Lifespan of the components
    • Environmental cost of the components
    • Financial cost of the materials and remodel
    • Functionality/universal usability and appeal of the elements
    • Flexibility of devices and systems
    • Use of commonly available recycled materials
  • The Menu
    • Distance of travel for product ingredients
    • Energy used to grow, harvest, and pre-process product ingredients
    • Universal sustainability of nutritional servings per meal
    • Breadth and interest of available menu items


The Global Design Competition will award a $10,000 prize to the winning design.


  • The Global Design Competition is open to individuals and organizations worldwide.
  • Do not include any names or school or company affiliations on any of the files or documents.
  • Each team must create a unique name for the submission that is included in the name of each separate file.
  • Electronic files will be accepted in Jpeg, pdf, rtf and doc formats.
  • Do not include any names or school or company affiliations on any of the files or documents.

How to enter?

All entries must be submitted by e-mail to marycgross [at] (please replace [at] with @).

The competition mailing address is:

Mary Gross
533 11th ave E. #4
Seattle, WA 98102 US