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Good things come to those who wait – Social Designer

The creator of Social Designer, Felissimo is a subscription based clothing and household goods company from Japan who believes that good design promotes happiness, well-being, and adds value to everyday life. The 500 Colored Pencils product introduces their subscription model to the world.

Create a video of up to 1-minute in length that shows or tells the story of something you believe is worth waiting for, or, from experience, something you had to wait for that was worth it in the end!


Every month a set of 25 pencils is delivered to the purchaser; like a gift that reveals itself slowly over time, the full set of pencils is acquired over a period of 20 months. For every 100 boxes of pencils sent to subscribers Felissimo donates one set to the UNESCO/Tribute 21 DREAM Center initiative, an arts education program run by Felissimo and UNESCO to empower under-privileged children around the world through creative expression. This is the sixth in a series of competitions related to 500 Colored Pencils.


Create a video of up to 1-minute that proves that patience is a virtue.


$500 plus a set of 500 Colored Pencils will be awarded to the winning entrant.


  • The term “Video” may include stop motion photography or animation, or computer animation.
  • No logos are to be used in these videos. Videos that contain logos will be removed from the website and ineligible for entry.
  • The winners will be selected by Felissimo. In addition, there will be a public voting period (see dates below) to determine the most popular entries which will automatically go into the final round of judging.
  • Judges will look at how creative, inspirational and relevant the entries are to the concept of this competition (waiting for good things to come) and how well the videos are executed.
  • Entries must not contain any negative content or references.
  • The judges’ decisions are final.

Social Designer Terms of Use

How to enter?

Your entry must include:

  • One video of no longer than 1-minute in duration.
  • A brief explanation of the scenario depicted in your video.

Warning: Videos that exceed 1-minute in duration will be removed from the website and ineligible for entry.