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A frame’s life – International Design Competition 10

As a further part of its investigation into the role of the designer in our product-rich society, 5.5 Designers challenges you to design a pair of frames whilst making an in-depth examination of the entire product life cycle.

Think outside the box and don’t just concentrate on the stylistic approach. Tell the frame’s story: anticipate the high points of its existence, from its gestation (when it is designed), birth (the manufacturing process), childhood (how it is marketed), the highlights of its life (its usage) until its death, and after…

This contemporary theme should allow future designers to highlight their specific skills, in stylistic terms of course, but also their ability to anticipate as well as their capacity to question and revisit the elements that make up the product in all its dimensions. The quality of this holistic vision and the reasoning behind the design propositions for the projects will be a key element in the Jury’s evaluation and selection.


Design a pair of frames whilst making an in-depth examination of the entire product life cycle.


  • 1st price: €4000
  • 2nd price: €2300
  • 3rd price: €1500
  • Special price: €500


  • This competition is open to design students enrolled in a course of higher education in France or abroad (on presentation of a certificate of attendance in higher education) not exercising any professional activity relating to eye-wear, in other words:
    • Not receiving an income (and not having received an income for the past three years) from a company operating in any capacity in the eye-wear sector.
    • Not involved (or not having been involved for the past three years) in any project (or contract) with any company operating in any capacity in the eye-wear sector, which may have led to one or more products or communication media being created.
  • Entrants to the competition undertake to withdraw their entry if, during the course of this competition they become involved in professional work relating to the eye-wear industry within the meaning of the paragraph above.

How to enter?

You can enter this competition by using the online entry form on the official website. Fill in your entry form, print it off and send it by post to the following address:

Les Lunetiers du Jura – Design Competition
P.O. BOX 90045
39402 Morez Cedex – France