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Young Package 2010 – International Competition of Packaging Design

The international competition Young Package is for designers and this year also for creators of comics who have not reached 31 years of age.

You can win €750 in one of the two categories of the 15th annual competition: Package for Sweets or Comics. The first category relates to product packaging, the second offers a fresh look at what a package could be.

The competition was founded to invite students and creative people up to 30 years of age, and challenge them to create designs of corrugated and smooth cardboard as used in the sponsor’s packaging design.


Since its foundation in 1996, the Young Package competition has achieved an international reputation and a distinctive position among competitions for young designers. This year brings a couple of significant changes. First, the image of the competition has changed and for its 15th anniversary the competition introduced a brand new web site. Secondly, the scope of the competition adds a novelty: in one of the two categories, it invites and challenges creative minds from art fields other than packaging design.

Young Package is held annually. Its founder, the Czech company Model Obaly is a leading package manufacturer and a great believer in supporting and challenging young creative talents.


Submit your designs in the following categories:

  • Product Package: Topic for 2010: Design of a package for sweets
  • Different View: Topic for 2010: Comics


  • Winner in the Product Package category will be awarded:
    1. University students and young designers up to 30 years of age €750
    2. High school students €750
  • Winner in the Different View category will be awarded €750.
  • Within the competition, a special CZECHDESIGN.CZ prize will be awarded.


  • Competition entries will be accepted in two groups:
    • University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age
    • High-school students
  • The competition is open to any young creators regardless their education.
  • Entries sent by postal service will be accepted from participants registered through an online registration form. High school, college, university students, and designers of up to 30 years of age can register in two categories: Product Package and Different View.
  • With their entries, participants do not include any CDs or portfolios; they can use the registration form, which provides room for description.
  • It is only up to you whether you participate only in one category or in both of them.
  • You can also register more works in one category.

How to enter?

Register using the on-line registration form. After the registration, you will be sent your registration number by email. This number is necessary to write down on each of your works before you send them by mail to the address below.

K Safině 562
149 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic