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Granshan 2012 Type Design Competition

The 5th International Type Design Competition for non-Latin typefaces – Granshan 2012 – is open for submissions! The Competition was initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia in 2008.

All type designers from all parts of the world are invited to take part in the competition. Certificates and a Grand Prize will be awarded.

Awarded works from previous Granshan competitions have been displayed at exhibitions in: Lincoln, London, Hampshire (UK), St.Petersburg, Moscow, Cheboksary, Rostov (Russia), Munich (Germany), Alexandria (Egypt), Yerevan, Oshakan (Armenia).

Celebrating Non-Latin Typeface Design Through A Design Competition

By holding this fifth international type design competition, Granshan 2012, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and the Typographic Society Munich (tgm – Typographische Gesellschaft Munchen) intend to enhance the importance of other script systems, beginning with Armenian, Cyrillic and Greek. This year the competition includes Indic and Arabic text typefaces categories.

Eligible are all typefaces that have been designed or digitized after 2001 and meet the competition requirements. All submitted fonts must comply with and use the Unicode encoding system.

You can submit your type designs to the following categories:

  • Armenian text typefaces
  • Arabic text typefaces
  • Cyrillic text typefaces
  • Greek text typefaces
  • Indic text typefaces (Devanagari, Tamil and Bengali)
  • Latin text typefaces
  • Display typefaces

In each of the seven categories up to three certificates will be awarded. In addition, the grand prize Granshan 2012, awarded by the jury, includes a money prize of 1,000 Euros. Printed examples of the winning entries will be published in a documentation designed by the Typographic Society Munich.

Entry Fee

A competition fee of 20 Euros is levied on each entry and each category. One typeface can be submitted in up to 7 categories, which results in an entry fee of max. 140 Euro.