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Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2019 – International Poster Competition

The 2019 International Poster competition of the Graphic Design Festival Scotland is open for entry to both students and professionals.

This competition aims to showcase and celebrate contemporary poster design from around the world.

The best 3 posters will be awarded with monetary prizes. The 1st Place prize is £500.

The highly rated entries will be chosen for the International Poster Exhibition, included in the International Poster Book and will be promoted during GDFS, via social media and online to over 100,000 active followers and viewers.

The brief is open. Submissions may be created specifically for the competition, for a client or as self-promotion.

A maximum of 6 posters may be entered per participant, created in 2018-2019.

The posters will be judged on their content, concept, and delivery, and value will be placed on design work which:

  • Alters perceptions or ways of thinking
  • Offers creative solutions to problems
  • Contributes to discussion on current affairs
  • Opens dialogue and provokes discussion for debate
  • Makes innovative use of media or medium

Competition winners will be announced at the opening of the International Poster Exhibition. Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) 2019 is scheduled for 22nd–26th November.

About Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) International Poster competition

The International Poster competition launched in 2014 and has received 22,000+ poster entries from 100+ Countries (x5 competitions 2014-2018).

Over 37,000 people have attended International Poster Exhibitions (x5 exhibitions 2014-2018). 5x International Poster Catalogues and Book have been published as a result of the competition and exhibition.