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ICSR 2010 Robot Design Competition

The International Conference on Social Robotics 2010 invites you (not limited to Industrial Design undergrad, graduate & professionals) to create social robot (robot interactions) for the year 2020, an age where intelligent social robots built with consilience will grey the boundaries of human & machine interaction.

With the growing need for intelligent autonomous systems to improve human daily task/well being, your innovation will shape how people interact with robots when robots are expected to be our companion in our daily environment/interaction (not limited to healthcare, service, entertainment, home, transport, sports and education).


Your entry should address innovative ideas that demonstrates (not limited to) creative use of technologies, intelligence, interactivity, adaptability as an overall concept application(s) that will impact/improve human tasks and well-being; which governs by laws of robotics (Isaac Asimov);

This inaugural competition will consider submission within the context of social robots. Submission can be conceptual or work-in-progress concepts/prototypes.


The jury will select 3 winning entries that will receive cash prize awards:

  • First Prize: USD 1,000 (TBC)
  • Second Prize: USD 500 (TBC)
  • Third Prize: USD 200 (TBC)

All cash prize awards are paid gross/before income tax.

** A selected number of entries will be fabricated into a 1:5 scaled model of their design.


  • This competition is open to any student or professionals (regardless from any industry) in the world.
  • The competition is an individual effort, meaning that group entries will not be accepted.
  • Each applicant may submit only one entry.
  • Only shortlisted entries will be informed via email on 01 September 2010.
  • Shortlisted entries will require to submit :
    • Three units Poster (A2) with high-resolution image(s)
    • One video presentation of the submitted concept (not more than 3mins, Maximum 50MB)

How to enter?

Free registration is required. Please fill in the online form.

Your entry should consist of:

  • One passport size photo (JPEG, 35 x 45 mm, 300 dpi) of the applicant.
  • One A3 document not more than 3 pages (PDF only, maximum file size 3MB) with images (minimum 150 dpi) and explanation in English of your concept including:
    • Project title (will appear on all publicity materials)
    • Concept development (elaborate with illustration the inspiration and development behind the concept);
    • Innovation (brief description & illustration of the innovative aspects that supports your work);
  • In situ / environment (brief description & illustration of the concept operating/interacting with human in the intended environment)