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Intel Future Contest – Imagine Innovative Sensing Technology Products

Imagine you have on you or with you a device that can hear, see, remember and understand what happens around you. What will you use it for? How will it look like? How will you interact with it?

The organizer’s goal with this contest is to involve you in imagining innovative products and services that can embody Intel’s new sensing technology.

The contest team will select 20-30 ideas out of all contest submissions. Prizes up to USD 5,000!

Intel Future Contest – Get Involved In A Project for Designing Innovative Sensing Technology Products

The contest has a crowdsourcing format. That means that any participant can see, comment and rank ideas. Besides that, the final decision is made by an independent jury. It is aimed to personal usage devices, not large business, industrial or government applications and seeks to discover future uses for the technology (5 years window) and also how this device may look.

Ideas can be entered in the following categories:

  • Health and Wellness – Sports, Spa, Medicine, Body and Soul
  • Feel Connected – Friends and family, dating, marriage, relationship, family life, social networks and communication
  • Get Things Done – Work, projects, school and university, constructing, events , productivity
  • Knowledge – Education, methods, experiments and experience, information seeking
  • Entertainment – concerts, media, gaming, internet
  • Environmental – Continents and cultures, nature, cities, infrastructure and traffic
  • Creative Expression – Designs, fashion, accessorizes, styles, music, dance, singing, acting, painting, writing, cooking, directing
  • Other

The Intel Future Contest is open to participants worldwide.

Please visit the official website for further info.