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International Comic/Manga Schools Contest 2021

CELSYS Inc. is hosting a manga, comic and illustration contest open to students worldwide, on the theme: Admiration.

The contest is open to students aiming to debut as a creative professional.

Winners are eligible for cash prizes, software, tablets, and chances to be featured in the media too. The contest is also an opportunity for artists to have their work judged and critiqued by professional creators.

Entries will be accepted for the following six categories. The theme for all categories is Admiration.

  • Comic Category (Color): An original color comic for all ages (8-16 pages, including cover).
  • Manga Category (B&W/Color): An original black-and-white or color comic/manga for all ages (8-16 pages, including cover).
  • Bande Dessinée Category (Color): An original bande dessinée for all ages (8-16 pages, including cover).
  • Webtoon Category (Color): An original webtoon for all ages
  • Storyboard Category: A 4-8 page monochrome manga, comic, or webtoon drawn according to the supplied storyboard text.
  • Illustration Category: An original color illustration for all ages (no size requirements).

Artists can submit artwork made digitally or traditionally. Submissions may be created using any drawing tools or software. If you create your submission using traditional tools, please submit a digital scan of the artwork – paper submissions will not be accepted!

For the Comic, Manga, and Bande Dessinée categories, please submit your work to the category you believe is most appropriate. However, each category specifies whether color and/or black-and-white entries are accepted.

There are no requirements for language depicted in works. However, English-language works tend to reach the widest audience.

Entries will not be made public until the results of the judging are announced.