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Jakajima 3D Printing at Home Design Competition

When was the last time you designed a consumer product you would like to 3D print and use? Jakajima is organizing the 3D Printing at Home Design Competition, to challenge you and offer you a chance to do just that.

So, the challenge is quite simple. You need to design a thing, call it a product, that a consumer would use in real life, and prepare it for printing as a real 3D object.

Participation is open to anyone, from any country, who can design 3D objects.

Design a Product for 3D Printing

The briefing for this competition is simple and straightforward: Suppose you had a 3D printer at home. Design the first consumer product you would like to 3D print and use.

Realize that you can go far beyond the traditional mass manufactured products.

Criteria used by the jury are:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality and Usefulness
  • 3D printablity
  • Aesthetic quality
  • Ergonomics
  • Marketability
  • Feasibility
  • Quality and clarity of presentation materials

This is a Unique Chance to Win a 3D Printer

The first prize is an Ultimaker 3D printer and a 3D print of the design, 2nd Prize is a 3D scanner and a 3D print of the design and 3rd prize is a 3D print of the design.

Price winners will be announced during the 3D Printing Event, 25 October 2011, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Brief Competition Regulations (Complete Rules)

  • The 3D Printing at Home Design Competition is open to anyone who can design 3D objects.
  • This is an individual competition, meaning that group entries will not be accepted.
  • You may submit only one design.
  • All communication is in English.

How to Submit your 3D Designs?

Entries can be submitted online. A free registration on the official website is required. Once registered you can fill out the competition entry form and submit your design.

If you have any questions regarding this competition please forward them to Jakajima (the Netherlands) on: design [at] (please replace [at] with @).