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Jump the Gap – 4th Roca International Design Contest

This fourth edition of Roca International Design Contest is aimed at creative people who think towards the future whilst designing today. Roca invites you to create innovative solutions in bathroom and related products.

With this fourth edition of its International Design Contest, Roca establishes a platform for talented young designers and architects. “Jump the gap” offers the opportunity to create and design innovative solutions in bathroom and related products.

Jump the gap represents Roca’s support for the new generations of designers.


Create and design innovative solutions in bathroom and related products.

“Jump the gap” starts from the assumption that young creatives design today whilst thinking about tomorrow; a tomorrow when the limitations of today will not apply and when new needs, architecture, technologies and products will emerge which will help us to improve people’s lives by bringing them more well-being, hygiene and comfort.

This fourth edition of Roca International Design Contest is aimed at creative people who think towards the future whilst designing today.


A single winning project will be chosen, and will receive a prize of €5,000 during the award ceremony in September 2011. No account will be taken of the winner(s)’ tax or other obligations with respect to the prize.

In order to make the result of the contest known to the appropriate public, Roca will present the winning project and the selected ones during 100% Design London in September 2011 (United Kingdom). 100% Design London is a prestigious contemporary interior design exhibition. This is an excellent opportunity for creators to make themselves known to designers, architects and international companies.

An ambitious PR campaign will help to promote the winning project, the selected projects and their authors.

The author/s of the winning project will cooperate with Roca’s Design Department on the manufacture of a possible full-size mock-up or specific material to be used in presenting the project during the100% Design London 2011.

The author/s of the winning project will be invited to attend the event, and Roca will cover travel and accommodation expenses.

According to the characteristics of the winning project, its author/s may participate together with the Roca Innovation Lab in the development of the designed product.


  • The contest is open to applicants from every country in the world who are:
    • Designers or architects,
    • Design or architecture students.
  • All participants must be born from 1 January 1976 on.
  • Entries may be individual or from a group of two people.
  • Each person or group may participate in one project only.
  • Student competitors are advised to have obtained the prior agreement of their department to participate. The organizers can’t be envolved in any dispute regarding this agreement.
  • Judges, their families, studios and design teams may not compete. The same applies to members of pre-selection committee.
  • All participants must submit their application to take part in the contest until 31 January 2011 (13:00 hours Central European Time).
  • Projects must be absolutely anonymous: they cannot contain any name or detail about the author/s.
  • All the texts included in the project must be written in English.

How to enter?

Register to the competition through the official website, starting from 23 September 2010. Once registered submit your projects to the competition.

The competing project must be submitted in:

  • A maximum of 4 files in JPG format with a minimum of 500Kb and a maximum of 1500Kb. At least, one file is mandatory. The original high resolution images/s will be requested if your work is the winner or one of the finalists.
  • A description of the project in English (with a maximum of 3,000 characters). It is mandatory.
  • A video/animation showcasing the design (it is optional, not mandatory) in FLV format, with a maximum size of between 1 and 10 MB.

The projects must be submitted to the contest website until 29 April 2011 13:00 hours Central European Time.