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Lasita Maja Architecture Competition 2016-2017

Lasita Maja AS together with are launching an international architectural design contest to find new solutions for modern prefabricated cabins.

The present contest is a search for talents who would – in collaboration with industries who use local materials – add value to their production.

The winners will be offered a chance for long-term collaboration to develop series of modular prefabricated cabins.

So, the organizers aim to find innovative concepts for small-scale modular log or wooden cabins that could be produced in collaboration with architects. Basically, implementable architectural solutions for Lasita product line.

Possible solutions include small prefabricated cabins for private users with one or several combined functions, such as a traditional garden-house for storing tools, sauna, guest-house etc.

The purpose of the contest is also to raise awareness among architects about modern prefab technologies, help find new contacts, collaboration partners and increase the export of prefab cabin manufacturers.